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Yoga on my Skin

Yoga On My Pores and skin is a collective display curated by way of Rossana Calbi and Giulia Piccioni, in collaboration with Parione9 Gallery, Rome. On Saturday 24th February Yoga On My Pores and skin got here to its herbal location: The Different Aspect of the Ink, the Roman conference devoted to the artwork of feminine tattoo artists.

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Non secular steadiness comes from the revel in of a relaxed and transparent state.

Yoga On my Pores and skin is a undertaking born from a collaboration between curators Rossana Calbi, Giulia Piccioni and Parione9 Gallery. The undertaking traveled to amanei in Salina and reached Parione9 Gallery in Rome, a gallery this is at all times very all for tattoo artwork.

Yoga is a sacred science. This can be a science as it bases its ideas on explicit affirmations at the human nature and universe, it’s sacred as it represents the inner trail of the person to achieve consciousness of his personal divine self.

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In the course of this inside trail, there are asana, frame positions in line with the yoga self-discipline. Asana are postures, and asana is the artwork of the usage of all the frame with a bodily, psychological and religious perspective. The construction of an asana isn’t changeable as a result of each and every asana is a work of artwork. Within the Yoga Sutra, Maharishi Patanjali said that once an asana is completely carried out, there is not any duality between frame and thoughts, spirit and soul. In line with yogi T.Ok.V. Desikachar thru yoga the thoughts and senses are without delay attached to the awareness and they don’t seem to be perceived as separated or disorganized.

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The undertaking is composed of 2 asana for each and every chakra (from Sanskrit wheel or disc). The asana are decided on in line with the bodily look of the posture and the relevance of the precise chakra stimulation. There’s no asana for the 7th chakra as a result of no postures without delay stimulates it.

Yoga instructor and psychologist Giulia Piccioni embraced Rossana Calbi’s curatorial thought with the technical improve of studio d’arte Candeloro to arrange an exhibition that could be a bodily and psychological revel in.

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Artwork is by way of Nicoz Balboa, Genziana Cocco, Cecilia De Laurentiis, Cecilia Granata, Marta Ierfone, Marta Messina, Roberta Kinney, Anita Rossi, Maria Grazia Tolino.

The following prevent for Yoga on My Pores and skin will happen in an abbey, in Italy. To find out extra concerning the authentic location and the longer term tasks right here.

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