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Tennynson at WindStar tattoos – Delhi interviewed by Itattooz

Interview by means of Kshitiz Roy (On-line Journalist, Itattooz) on 10th June 2012

On a heat, sweaty, conventional Delhi night, I finalize my appointment with Tennyson, the tattoo artists at WIND STAR TATTOOS- a tattoo store close to the bustling Kamla Nagar marketplace. With the North Campus of Delhi College at only a stone’s throw from where, the marketplace position is humming with juvenile younger faces. I trod alongside the by means of lanes of the marketplace, by the way brushing previous some ‘tattooed’ children and I notice, tattooing is within the technique of organising its foothold on this a part of the town.

I’m within the ‘WIND STAR TATTOOS’. The environment isn’t what I had assumed to seek out; cramped areas stuffed with two stools, a stretcher, few tables a booming sound device which is enjoying a hip-hop Punjabi song, a rack stuffed with a lot of tattoo ink bottles and light white partitions with some pencil sketches, refuse to present the store an Avant-grade glance which is most often related to Tattoo retail outlets all over the place the arena. It’s then I notice I’m in India.


Tennyson – The tattoo artist

Tennyson, the tattoo artist, is tattooing a tender lady who appears to be in her early teenagers. Her whole circle of relatives is right here to be the testimony of her first tattooing revel in. Her sister is chirping by means of her aspect hailing the tattoo design every so often, her mom, sitting on a stool within reach appears undecided and misplaced as though she is discovering it laborious to digest this blunt manifestation of the ever widening era hole and her father seems dumbstruck and pissed off at having misplaced this cultural combat together with her daughter. That is their present to her on her 16th birthday. It’s the Indian formative years waging a cultural combat with the age outdated set of established tendencies. Tattooing is the best way to move, it’s shining India’s newest style pattern.


As I look forward to Tennyson to complete the tattoo and get started the dialog, my fluttering eyes catch a lovable little mice who sits coyly close to a desk simply inches clear of the little lady. I’m wondering what a mice is doing at a spot like tattoo store the place excessive hygiene care needs to be maintained! The store has were given much more surprises to throw in entrance of my amazed eyes. A couple of burnt cigarettes in an ash tray catch my sight making mockery of the hygiene problems. It’s then I notice, Indian tattoo trade is but to wriggle its approach out of infancy.

In the end, after ten mins of sheer vocal cacophony of laughter, occasional cries of the younger lady and the aggravating crooning of the tattooing gadget, Tennyson is finished with the tattoo. The younger lady is brimming with pleasure unbound as his exasperated father can pay Tennyson.

In the end we calm down for a chat. Tennyson lends me a grin and I reciprocate!

  • So? I start, looking to give it sound as casual as I will be able to.
  • TENNYSON – Hello, Kshitiz. Sorry For the Prolong. I used to be caught with the woman, you spot.
  • Me- It’s OK. It used to be a excitement witnessing exchange!

Tennyson, I notice is a major man who loves what he does. But, deep down within him, I odor one thing smoldering.

  • ME – Tennyson, in a rustic like India the place hygiene is all the time given a secondary precedence, what’s the scene with Tattoo Hygiene?
  • TENNYSON – Yeh, It has to do with consciousness. You notice, individuals who consult with tattoo retail outlets are motivated by means of the will to seem fashionable. When taste is on most sensible in their thoughts, hygiene takes the again seat. This is to mention that the overall crowd does now not query us in regards to the hygiene requirements being maintained. Tattooing, in India is but to be institutionalized, therefore there is not any interplay between the tattoo artist and tattoo fans.
  • ME– Hmmmm……move on!
  • TENNYSON – That stated, issues aren’t as bleak as they seem. We, as tattoo artist, do care to take care of ok tattoo hygiene requirements in our retail outlets. With quite a lot of companies like EPA getting into play, the hygiene problems are getting our most sensible precedence. We do use sterilized equipment, autoclave luggage and take care of correct sanitation requirements.
  • ME – I see! And what in regards to the tastes of the group which display up to your store? Are they conscious with the intricacies of tattooing?
  • TENNYSON – Tattoos represent distinctiveness, they deal with the individualistic inclinations. In some way, tattoos stands for liberation! Statistically talking, greater than 70% of the group that pours in our store is conscious in regards to the hygiene problems comparable with tattooing. We strictly advise them to observe the tattoo after care laws.
  • ME – In a rustic obsessive about Engineers and Docs, how difficult it’s to transform a tattoo artist?
  • TENNYSON – It’s! Undoubtedly. The issue with taking over tattoo artwork as a occupation is that we don’t have any establishment that promotes this artwork shape. Most significantly, there is not any monetary steadiness related to tattoo artwork. We lag in the back of the western international in tattooing now not as a result of we don’t have creative caliber however as a result of there is not any construction backing us up. It’s all within the mindset of folks. Plus we do lack correct investment. One can simply hope issues can exchange for higher.
  • ME – Do you, as a tattoo artist really feel the desire for a arranged platform for tattoo artists which is devoted to advertise their pursuits?
  • TENNYSON – Yeh…Undoubtedly! That is what lots of the tattoo artist pine for – a portal the place one gels in with the most productive of the industry, a platform which addresses the selling and promotional wishes of the artists, a suite up which will assist us release ourselves into the mainstream.
  • ME – Did you at any level of your occupation really feel the desire for a correct Tattoo Apprenticeship so as to hone your abilities?
  • TENNYSON – Oh Sure! I did. I selected this occupation as a result of I used to be captivated with tattoos. However now I believe that had I am getting an opportunity to paintings underneath some professional arms, issues can have been other. Apprenticeship is a should for each tattoo artist. I simply hope that with the passage of time, Indian tattoo trade comes up with increasingly more tattoo apprenticeship alternatives.
  • ME – What about tattoo designs? From the place do you get inspiration for tattoo designs?
  • TENNYSON – Glance, mainly there are two kinds of tattoo designs which we use; STOCK DESIGNS AND CUSTOMIZED DESIGNS. For inventory designs, we most often go browsing and borrow designs from over there. We do exchange the tattoo designs holding in thoughts the socio-cultural arrange of India. Spiritual symbols like ‘OM’ and Sikh symbols are a couple of designs which individuals call for. We customise designs for them.
  • ME – Do they ask for daring symbols comparable with sexuality?
  • TENNYSON – No now not most often. Tattoo continues to be thought to be as a taboo on this a part of the globe. The conservative segment of the society is but to simply accept tattooing as a creative manifestation of human ideas.
  • ME – How do you move about promoting your tattoo store?
  • TENNYSON – As for now, it’s only mouth-to-mouth promoting. Folks come right here to get tattooed, they move out, inform their buddies they usually come right here. That’s the best way!
  • ME– OK.

I do have many questions invading my thoughts however a tender man is within the store. Possibly, he’s getting a tattoo to woo his female friend. I don’t need to destroy his second and Tennyson’s industry. I want him Very best of Success and are available out of the store wishing for issues to modify. Tennyson is waving me good-bye!

In case you’ll  counsel me another tattoo artist whom you wish to have me to interview, name me at 9953236758 or write at kshitiz@e-profitbooster.com


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