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Tattooed Blogger: Shanice Willoughby

23-year-old Shanice Willoughby, is a blogger, barista and florist in coaching from Surrey. We chat to Shanice about her weblog, love for vegetation and bohemian taste…

tattooed blogger shanice willoughby - Tattooed Blogger: Shanice Willoughby

When did you get started running a blog? How did you get into it? I began running a blog closing yr at the first of January! I’d been short of to do it for ages however lacked the arrogance and concern of other people no longer being that on what I needed to publish, however after all made up our minds to make the leap without reference to that!

What can readers be expecting to peer in your weblog? Readers can be expecting a spread of style, way of life, psychological well being and plant posts!

1524721212 550 tattooed blogger shanice willoughby - Tattooed Blogger: Shanice Willoughby

What influences your weblog posts? The rest and the entirety truly, whether or not it’s bits I’ve introduced model smart, a location spot that I’ve to inform other people about, espresso spots, touring to beautiful new puts, or united states of americaand downs in my psychological well being!

How does your task and operating the weblog cross in combination? Does one lend a hand the opposite or do they conflict? It is vitally tricky to paintings a 40+ hour complete time task and run a weblog along with it, some weeks I gained’t have the time to publish and it does trouble me but it surely’s very arduous to divide time/to find the time to shoot new outfit posts, and so forth.

1524721212 571 tattooed blogger shanice willoughby - Tattooed Blogger: Shanice Willoughby

How would you describe your taste? A modern-day younger Stevie Nicks- I’m obsessive about seventies-bohemian taste, suppose embroidery, fringe and flowy materials with pleasant prints.

Do your tattoos replicate this? Are you able to let us know about your assortment I feel they do in some way sure, I completely adore vegetation and feature a good few items now on my frame which I like and need extra of! I’ve the part symbols on my palms (a real bohemian kid) together with a couple of moons dotted round my frame. I’ve a previous sailor’s chant scripted on my arm a couple of mermaid, and different bits connected to the ocean! I feel my tattoos certainly replicate my wild spirit aspect.

1524721212 176 tattooed blogger shanice willoughby - Tattooed Blogger: Shanice Willoughby

Do you’ve any long term tattoo plans or a want checklist? Extra vegetation, much more! (I’ve an excellent good friend who does glorious flower paintings and he or she’s completed all my new items!) And that i’d like to get some mandala/henna taste paintings completed evidently!


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