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Eric’s Parents Remember Their Son by Tattooed His Image All over His Body

Eric’s folks Sheri and Patrick Leighton have were given everlasting tattoo in their son face on a number of puts on their frame and pictures, that all the time reminds them in their son.


Patrick Leighton is the daddy of an Ottawa youngster who died after an explosion at a highschool in Would possibly 2011.

Eric’s Folks Sheri and Patrick Leighton have made up our minds to inked everlasting reminiscences in their son, with them anyplace they move.

“It used to be one thing I needed to do. It used to be two weeks after Eric had handed. I simply discovered I needed to do it,” stated Eric’s father Patrick.

Patrick Leighton used to be no longer the one person who felt the want to have everlasting reminders on his frame. Eric’s mom, sister, grandmother and two buddies additionally sought after to get tattoo on their frame to bear in mind their son, brother and pal and they have got additionally gotten tattoos.

Eric father Patrick Leighton is thinking about filling his arm and again with reminiscences of his son’s lifestyles. For his mom Sheri, the tattoos also are to remind the arena of the way Eric died.


Sheri Leighton says her tattoos are to remind the arena of her son’s lifestyles and the tragic approach during which he died.

She says “I don’t need folks to put out of your mind. That’s my greatest factor is folks forgetting who he used to be. To me he’s all the time right here. Everybody will see him.”

The 18-year-old Eric’s used to be killed through an explosion inside of a store elegance at Ottawa’s Mom Theresa Prime Faculty Would possibly 26 of this yr 2011. The Ministry of Labour introduced an investigation however haven’t begun to free up its findings.

Tattoo artist Richard Morrissette says commemorative tattoos are not unusual follow. “Occurs always, maximum portraits are performed as a result of some kicked the bucket or anyone is in poor health…”

The Leighton’s say they’re no longer positive how they’re going to get via Christmas this yr. It’s the first one since Eric’s dying. 

With a record from CTV Ottawa’s Joanne Schnurr

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