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Emily Malice & PETA

Our babe tattoo artist Emily has collaborated with PETA to create a ‘No Fur’ tooth pin, and we adore it! 

Blending a fierce fox design and her signature barbed twine, Emily is spreading the ‘no fur’ message. For those who’re a cruelty-free type love you’ll be able to now put on your middle in your collar with the fox and twine pin, modelled via Anaïs Gallagher.


photographer, Chloe Sheppard

“Fur belongs at the animals who’re born with it, and I’m proud to rock my fur-free standing with this pin,” says Gallagher. “Don’t ever be afraid to talk up for animals – they want us to be their champions.”

PETA – whose motto reads, partly, that “animals aren’t ours to put on” – notes that animals on fur farms are confined to cramped, filthy cages sooner than they’re drowned, crushed, strangled, electrocuted, and even skinned alive for fur coats, collars, and cuffs. Animals stuck within the wild in steel-jaw traps can languish for days – going through blood loss, dehydration, and assaults via predators – sooner than being suffocated or bludgeoned to loss of life.



The pin is in the stores right here. For more info, talk over with PETA.org.united kingdom.


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