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Photography: Leigh Schneider

photography leigh schneider - Photography: Leigh Schneider

32-year-old Leigh Schneider is an artwork photographer from New Zealand, who now lives in Germany  together with her husband and their cat-dog. Presented to black and white movie images at highschool, Leigh learnt the fundamentals and went on to review graphic design at college. Over a decade later she returned to her first inventive …

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Charlie Wagner & Sam O’Reilly Flash Sheets Auctioned

charlie wagner sam oreilly flash sheets auctioned - Charlie Wagner & Sam O’Reilly Flash Sheets Auctioned

Six authentic tattoo flash artwork sheets attributed to to 2 of The united states’s earliest tattoo artists, Charlie Wagner (1875-1953) and Sam O’Reilly (1854-1909), carry a blended sale of $41,375 at Ripley Auctions, USA on July 28th 2018.  The six sheets have been discovered within the backside of a trunk within the …

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